Can a Queen move like a Knight in Chess Explained!!

As a beginner, this question often comes to mind that can a Queen move like a knight in chess? This is because Queen is a very powerful piece and it holds more power than any piece which is 9. So people think that it has all the powers of other pieces which is not true. We know that Queen is a very critical piece that can be used in most of the attacking strategies. 

Can a Queen move like a knight

Can the Queen move like a Knight ?

A Queen can’t move like a knight. She does not have the ability to move in an L shape or to jump over other pieces. Only the Knight can perform such a move. Despite that Queen has all the powers of other chess pieces other than the knight. Queen is a very important piece on the chessboard due to its super abilities. She has the combined powers of Rook and bishop. That makes her very deadly in the game of chess. Let’s discuss how she moves on a chessboard.  

Movement of Queen on a Chessboard:

Queen has the super ability to move in all three directions that are horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. She can move any number of spaces in any direction within its limited range. One more thing is very important that she can’t jump over any piece just as knights do. 

Movement of Queen on a Chessboard
Movement of Queen on chess board

However, she can capture other chess pieces like Pawn, Rook, Bishop, knight, and queen of the opponent. But the important thing is that a Queen can only take capture one piece in one move. She can’t take multiple chess pieces in a single move. Moreover, she can move in forward as well as backward directions. 

Movement of Knight on a Chessboard:

The knight is a very strange piece in chess. As its movement puts a difference between him and other chess pieces. Knight moves in an L shape in all vertical and horizontal directions. Note that it can’t move in diagonal directions. It can capture any piece that comes in its way of landing square.

Movement of Knight on a chessboard
Movement of Knight on chessboard

One of the specialties of Knight is that it can jump over any chess piece that comes in its way. Its shape is like a horse and some people say it horse rather than a knight. It’s used in most of the aggressive chess openings as an attacking unit. Due to these factors, it is one of the valuable pieces in chess. 

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Comparison between Queen and Knight:

1. Queen moves any number of squares in Vertical, horizontal, or diagonal direction.1. Knight can move in an L shape in Vertical and horizontal directions.
2. Queen can’t jump over to other chess pieces.2. Knight can jump over to other chess pieces.
3. Queen can capture other chess pieces except the King.3. Knight can also capture any Chess piece excluding the king.
4. Queen can take only one piece per move4. Knight can also take only one  piece per move.
5. It’s a very powerful piece.5. Knight is the second least powerful piece.
6. The power of the queen is 9.6. The power of the Knight is 3.
7. Losing your Queen is extremely critical.7. Losing Knight is bad.
8. Queen does not have any special move.8. Knight acquires a special move.

This comparison shows that Queen has much more powers than a knight. So a question arises that can a pawn take a queen? Check out to find more about it.


No, the Queen cannot move like a Horse. In Chess Horse is the second name of the knight.

It’s not possible because only Knight holds the ability to jump or move over pieces. So Queen can’t move over pieces in chess.

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