What is the most powerful chess piece? (Strongest by Power)

On a chessboard, the most powerful and essential chess piece is Queen. She holds more power than any chess piece due to her extraordinary moving abilities. Queen holds a total of 9 points on the chess board which is maximum of all. Her ability to cover maximum 26 square spaces at a time made her the strongest in all pieces. 

The Queen is placed next to King while setting up a chessboard. The white Queen is placed on the white square while on the other hand black queen is placed on the black square. Positions of chess pieces of both players black and white are exactly the same at the start of the game. 

What is the most powerful chess piece

The moving ability of queen is a combined mixture of Rook and Bishop because it can move vertically, horizontally as well as diagonally. She can capture any opponent’s piece other than the king by moving in forward or backward direction. That is why its very deadly for opponent pieces. All these abilities make the Queen the most important piece in chess

What does the Queen do in Chess?

The role of queen in chess is pretty significant as it plays an important part in capturing opponents chess pieces and as a result, putting the king in checkmate. If the queen is in the center position it covers 26 squares as a sum means it can move to any tile in its range whether it’s in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction. 

Mostly queen works effectively in the middle game and endgame when the pieces are scattered. The reason is that she has more independence to move in the above cases while in the opening of the game it takes some time to develop pieces. And if you will be not careful enough you can lose your strongest and most powerful piece at the start of the game. That will increases the opponent’s chances of winnings so always use your queen smartly and carefully. 

You can also trade your queen for minor pieces in the case when exchanging queen can give you an advantage in winning the game.

When to trade queens?

People sometimes face situations when their queen is not performing well as compared to the opponent queen. So they have the option to exchange their queen as follows:

  1. Queen can be exchanged with two Rooks.
  2. You can also trade your queen for three minor pieces that are Bishops and knights.

These trades can put you in a winning position if its used at the right time. Two Rooks or three minors (Bishops and Knights) can put opponents queen in immerse trouble. Mostly these trades are used in the endgames and it benefits the player. 

There are some instances when you have to sacrifice your queen as well to counterattack the opposition. Keep in mind all the scenarios and master the art of chess by practicing it. 


On a chessboard, the white Queen is placed on d1 square while on the other hand black Queen is placed on d8 square.

Queen is indeed the most important piece in chess.

Queen holds most power than any of the other chess pieces. While Black and white queen has the same amount of power. 

In the game of chess second most powerful piece is Rook. It can move any number of spaces in a vertical and horizontal direction.

Both Bishop and Knight come as the third most powerful piece in chess. They both hold 3 points each.

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