How does the King Move in Chess? Special Rules

King is the most significant chessman of the Chess Board that survives as the King traps in the moves and gets Checkmate, the game overs. Therefore, the whole team of Chessmen tries to make King safe and protected. The King stands in the fifth tile of the Chess Board called e with a Queen. On the other side, Bishop stands with a King. let’s learn how does the king move in chess.

How does the king move in chess

How does the King Move in Chess

The King can take a step to capture or move ahead or right-left to protect himself. If you place a King on the central tile, there are at least 8 houses to move in any direction straight up, down, right, and left. Further, it moves in all four diagonal directions. Therefore, standing just beside an opposite King is unsafe whenever and wherever you stand.

With all these capabilities, the Kings move’s drawback is that it only takes a single step ahead. If we count the steps, we can say the King is the weakest Chessman of Chess Board who takes tiny steps and moves slowly on the board. Further, it cannot reach the point immediately neither it suddenly escapes from the position.


Another unique move of the King is called Castling, which can be used once in the Chess game. Whenever the Rook is present 2 side steps away from the King, and there is a threat for the King, the Castling allows the King to move 2 tiles to the right or left side, and the Rook jump over the King and give protection coverage to the King from another side.

Castling can not be done when King is already in check, or after the Castling is done, the King goes in the check. It can work when King has threats to have a check. King is high profile chessman who cannot be captured before saying check. So If you want to capture a King, you need to say Check first. Otherwise, you can’t get the King.

Castling in chess is a single exceptional move that King can have once in the game. So, choose the best time to castle your King from the threat but do not wait so long to take a step. Most of the time’s users don’t use the Castling because they lose the Rook at the beginning of the game. But it is a good and legal move that favors the King in danger.

King is the tallest Chessman of the Chess Board who owns the Cross on the crown that is remarkable for the King’s presentation. King relies on the other Chessmen for protection; therefore, sometimes it sounds weaker element of the Chess Board. King unlocks all directions when he moves away from his own house.

Most of the time, the kings get Checkmate in his own house, where they move King’s Pawn to unlock the King’s moves. From where the opponent’s Queen or Bishop stop the way of the King. And exhaust the King in his own house. Due to a single legal move, King gets the Checkmate in his palace. Do you want to learn what is a draw in chess? Check our detailed article on it.

In short, the widely played game gives victorious results, and cautious moves lead you to victory in the Chess Board battle. So be cautious and aware of every move, play delicately, and enjoy the fantastic game with all your senses. Best of Luck! Share the link with friends of How does the King Move in Chess?

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