What is Castling in Chess? Special King move in game

All chessmen of the Chessboard move uniquely and uniformly. In contrast, all chessmen own some secret or unique move they once used on the board. Therefore an essential chessman King has. Yes, we are talking about Castling. The guide will discuss what is Castling in Chess.

What is Castling in Chess

What is Castling in Chess

Castling is a word derived from the castle. Therefore, the King from the enemies before the attack in Castling the Rook castle. Through the Rook give coverage and protection protocol in some exceptional manner to the King is Castling. Furthermore, it is a secret, exceptional and legal move that gamers use to trick the opponent.  

If you want to use the castling move, you need two steps to vacate for it. Afterward, place your King 2 step left or right just close to the Rook and place the Rook on the other side of the King. Throughout the Rook, King enjoys the Chess’s coverage and exceptional security protocol.

Castling in chess
How to castle

Whenever the King is facing Check Castling could not occur, the King needs to save the Check first and then try to get Castling protocol. The trick is unique and exciting, and it facilitates the user too. User can save their King from severe threats and play Games without any worry. There are best chess tips for beginners to win game.

Whereas the Castling does not happen when there is a Check threat, the gamer could not castle when the Castling put the King in the Check. Whether playing manually or online, you can cast the King when the Castling puts King in the Check. So, first secure King from Check and castle later; otherwise, it is not allowed. 

On the other hand, Castling is not allowed if the Castling goes through the Check position. For example, if the King moves through the tile where Check might happen to the King is not allowed for Castling. First, uproot the reason for the Check and then pass through the house safely. Be cautious!

As the user wants to castle, it can not happen any time. Users need free houses to castle the King because neither King nor a Rook jump over the other chessmen like Knight or Bishop. So, it is necessary to castle when there is nobody between King and Rook. Otherwise, Castling is not allowed.

If your King is standing in the next row, you cannot Cast diagonally. Therefore, you need to come first in the primary row. Though, keep in mind! Wherever you are, you can castle only when your King exists in the first row, and there are no other chessmen between King and Rook because Rook moves straight only.

Moreover, you cannot Castle the move when the Rook is not present at its particular house tile. The gamer can castle successfully whenever the Rook is present in its own house and King is present two houses away from the Rook. So, if one try to castle when their Rooks are not at their own houses, the move would be invalid. If you want to know more about king moves then check out How does the King Move in Chess.

 Types of Castling 

Castling happens When King or Rook stands in their significant houses. Therefore, the King castle from the Bishop’s side, two houses away from Rook, is called King’s Side Castling. In contrast, when the King castles from the queen’s side, the Castling is called Queen’s Side Castling which is 3 houses away from the Rook.

King’s Side Castling

Ascertain, the Castling the King move two steps toward the Rook and Rook Move two steps toward the King. Though there are only two houses between them, they intersect their way. Therefore, changing the position with each other is called 0-0 Kingside Castling in the Chess.

Queen’s Side Castling

However, the King is standing three houses far from the Rook they also Castles. So, that Castling is called 0-0-0 Queenside Castling. In this Kinda castling, the King crosses the 3 houses, and the Rook stands just the other side of King to give security protocol. So, no matter when you have more space in the tiles.

Do you know there are some logical reasoning behind less mobility power of the king. To find out check this Why is the King so weak in chess?


Don’t get panic if your King is exposed to the Board Castle. Please keep it in the corner with the guarding Rook. And free the Rook to move in the center to create problems for the opponents. Such tricks drag your King to the corner where safe and sound and support the remaining pawns from the back. 

Use the all best Tricks and enjoy your Game wholeheartedly. Hopefully, you better know what is Castling in Chess and how it can be used. Be aware, and play carefully. Your wrong moves would benefit the other gamer. Best of Luck and ENJOY!

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