Best Chess Tips for Beginners to Win Game – Easy Techniques

In the beginning, you have so many moves to start the game on Chess Board. Meanwhile, that vast choice of options leaves you in confusion. The situation becomes more critical when one wrong move turns the table off. At a particular time, you ask for help from an expert. But all experts say that your first and last move is all your choice and creativity. You will totally feel deserted in that position. Resultantly, the beginner feels exhausted and finds no way to escape at the very first stage. So, they left the game and missed the excitement of the beautiful game. Below mentioned chess tips for beginners are very helpful to newbies that wants to learn this game quickly.

Chess Tips for Beginners

Chess Tips for Beginners

In case the beginner tries to learn through playing method, they just get Checkmate in the first few moves and lose the opportunity to learn other tricks. Therefore, we mention a few Chess Tips for Beginners to solve their problems and suggest ways to play the game effectively. These tricks and tips will help the gamer play a game for a long time. As the player follows the tips, it might give them the chance of victory. So, follow the instruction and try your luck as a beginner in Chess. Here we go!

 Middle Pawns 

Firstly, start the game from the central Pawns, standing in front of the Queen, and bishops who move diagonally. Lead them forward to free the Bishops because the Bishop cannot jump over the Pawns. 

 Open Ends 

Secondly, always keep the tile free for the Knight when you move forward. In case you feel to lead the Knight, but Pawn’s presence on the expected tile may cause a problem. Meanwhile, it will block the way out of Knight.

 Play Patiently 

Do not hurry to occupy the center! Set the position of chessman automatically guarding by another chessman. And place all chessmen in a safe position so others could not take advantage. Play with patience, move by move. 

 Set Difficulty 

If you are playing online Chess, keep the game’s difficulty on beginner level so you can chase the easy task at the beginning. In manual playing, try to play with beginners rather than experts. Thus, you balance the match.

 Reserve Powerful Chessman 

Never try to get Queen in the initial moves through. You will lose the powerful chessman in the beginning. And when you need it hard, you will not have any alternative to that power. So keep the Queen in reserve.

 Capture Chessman 

As you take control of the center and you have captured a few primaries, and few minor chessmen start playing aggressively and try to reduce the power and number of the opponents. Meanwhile, do not forget your defense.

 Save Power Chessman 

Consequently, take step by step action in Chess. Bishops are dangerous chessmen of the Chess who move diagonally. It attacks the enemy when they are totally unaware of their presence, so avoid sacrificing the Bishop.

 Castle Chessmen 

Always try to castle the enemy, whether the army or a King. When your move does not allow a whole to escape, you will be undefeatable. Therefore, try to exhaust your enemy in Chess Board and take advantage of their confusion. You should also learn Chess Strategy for Beginners to understand the game in a better way.

 Wisely Sacrifice  

Losing Pawn reduces 1 point from total points. Whereas Bishop and Knight reduce 3, Rook reduces 5, and Queen reduces 9 points. At the capture of King loses the entire game. But, sometimes, the gamer is stuck in a position where they need to sacrifice one of the chessmen. So, offer wisely.

 Chose Best Time 

The best time to attack is the middle part of the game so, don’t panic to play aggressively. As you castle the enemy, let them panic. When they get anxious, they will take wrong moves in confusion. That is the best time to take advantage.  

 Regain Power Chessman 

Ascertain, you lose the chessman while gaming, try to regain chessmen’s power with the advancement strategy of Pawn. So, you will get the Bishop, Knight, and Rook. Thus, you will become powerful again. 

 Give Checkmate 

After the aggressive play, you and your opponent lose lots of precious chessmen and chase each other on an empty board. Try to avoid that situation, and save your chessmen from countering a King and giving Checkmate.

 Watch Expert’s Game 

Before playing with an expert or professional, watch the game they play that will reveal the nature of the gamer and its secret moves. Thus, you have an idea of whom you are playing and their weak points.

 Do Practices 

As an old say, “Practice makes everything perfect.” So, do not lose hope when you lose. Do practice and improve your skill. After a short period, you will see you will start playing as an expert or professional gamer.

 Keep Moves Secret 

Always try to surprise your opponent. So, do not discuss your next move until you make it—even dont show your expressions when you feel that you are about to get the board. The enemy will get the clue through you, and you might lose.

 Learn Secret Moves 

In a chess game, some moves are rarely used, so most players are unaware of such movements. Like Castling and En passant are legal moves but they are rarely used in game. Check out What is Castling in Chess? Learn about every legal move that you can play in exceptional cases. Such efforts help the beginner to win.

 Learn Illegal Moves 

If you are playing with a cheater and they suddenly play an illegal move. And they stun you with a unique move that you have not heard about in life. Yes, learn all illegal moves before playing Chess, not for you for your cheating opponents. Mostly newbies don’t know that how to win chess in 4 moves. It is possible and this strategy is called scholar’s mate strategy.

 Enjoy Game 

While playing the game, maintain the level of fun. Do not feel very low when you lose, and don’t be rude when you win. Play the game and have fun with your friend. Stop giving negative comments. In short, ENJOY! 

 Sports Man Spirit 

Always play a chess game as a game, so don’t be aggressive when you lose. And avoid raising personal issues toward the winner. Accept your defeat and appreciate your opponent respecting and giving compliments for their efforts.


These Chess Tips for Beginners will help you win the game when you implement a perfect move on the ideal position. Therefore, try to implement the ideal tip on the perfect timing. Further, your victory or defeat depends on your strategy to play the game. So, observe and play wisely to enjoy the game thoroughly. Thanks for your attention! Ask your questions, leave your opinions in the comment section, and appreciate us if the guide is helpful for you.  

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