Basic Chess Strategy for Beginners to Win – Tips and Tricks

Chess is a slightly complicated game that adorns high IQ people more than average IQ. The reason, its complicated command and mind-tingling strategies are pretty tricky to understand. So, beginners feel difficulty in playing the complex game on the board or website. Here we will suggest Basic Chess Strategy for Beginners to improve their playing skills and learn chess fundamentals with tactics.

Chess Strategy for Beginners

Chess Strategy for Beginners

The primary thing to do is do not stick to your corner. Try to occupy the center of the board, avail all possible chances to dominate every position, and corner the opponent. Here are consequences and strategies that help the Beginner occupy the winning or defeating position on the Chess Board. To beat your opponent, use below strategies step by step!

 Double Attack Strategy 

As a single Chessman takes position between two opposite chessmen, two or more direct attacks opportunity avails simultaneously. The situation is known as the forking between two pieces. That makes the other player save the power chessman than a weak one. Sometimes choice becomes complicated in a double attack. Furthermore, the user can fork all Chessmen, including the Queen, Knight, Bishop, and Pawn. So be cautious and lookout for opportunities.

 Pinning Lock Strategy 

As the Chessman gets locked into a corner, do not move without losing valuable Chessman behind the pinning lock strategy. The opponent’s loss occurs when they move and provide an opportunity for the opponent to capture the Chessman. In the struggle, sometimes the enemy gets to check, and mate and sometimes a few numbers of move causes enormous disaster.

 Skewer Attack Strategy 

The Skewer attack strategy is compulsory whenever two-lined Chessmen attack and lose one of the low-value pieces in the game. The position of the valuable Chessman is between the attacker and the other Chessman. The least valuable Chessman plows away when highly valuable Chessman is at risk. So, middle chessmen must leave the position and sacrifice a less exclusive piece for King.

 Detected Attack strategy 

Ascertain, a Chessman moves, and dual attack can be possible from the two or more positions is detected attack strategy. In such conditions, the opponent cannot save any of them. Thus the player can save the date and maximize the position. Such positions lead the series of attacks and captures. If it provides more than two captures, the Strategy is also called the windmill strategy

 Overloading Strategy 

Luckily, if you got the position that dominates on the every possible Chessman of your opponent is called overloading Strategy. For instance, if you placed the queen on a particular place where the multiple chessmen came at risk and that move jams, the movement is an extraordinary move that saves the game. So, open your eyes wide and place your most powerful Chessman on the sizzling point and defeat your enemy.

 Chasing Strategy 

The following Strategy you have to know is the chasing strategy and the idea of deflecting an enemy chessman from a critical tile. Suppose your threats confuse, and the opposite Chessman vacates a significant position that opens new doors of victory for you. The Strategy should use when both sides of chess lose all their powers, and few Chessmen are left on board chasing. Also check out what is a draw in chess?

 Regaining Power Strategy 

As the player leaves with few chessmen and wants to regain the power of the dead chessmen, move ahead. When you reach the8th row of the chessboard, you will recover the power of Knight, Bishop, and Queen. So, dont lose hope move ahead.

 Trapping Strategy 

As you are tired of running and capable in chess, create a trap for your opponent. In contrast to chasing and making the Chessman vacate some significant place here, we drag a particular chessman to the specific position, a trap for the opponent. 

 Coercion & Confusion Strategy 

Sometimes people think that they are playing, but actually, you are playing with their minds. Coercion and Confusion Strategy is an unconscious wrong move that provides a sudden opportunity to win the board. One single bad move and sometimes multiple coercion moves drag them to the loose point. In some cases, the harmful consequences of the game plate the victory in your platter. 

 Sacrifices Strategy 

If your King or Queen is at risk, and you want to save the power chessman, you sacrifice your less value chessman to cover the more value chessman, and your opponent gets it. In this Strategy, the user loses the power but saves the significant loss. In short, we can call it an exchange strategy.

 Variety in Opening Strategy 

As you open the game and play with the same player again and again, do not repeat the opening move. If you repeat the activity, the player will learn from you and set a Strategy to defeat you in advance. So keep changing the motions and do not tell about your next move. We have also shared some chess tips for beginners to stay ahead of each game.

 Backup Strategy 

Do not rely on plan B in chess. Always make plans C, D, E, and F to win the game. Before moving forward, always set the other Chessman on the backup of the leader piece. That provides your army protection and advancing strength so users can play the game more confidently. For example, move the Pawns one downside by the side to protect the leading Pawn. Also you can use special moves like Castling and En Passant whenever needed to secure your position in the game.

All above chess strategy tips for beginners are very important to understand and it will help you to remain unbeatable in most of the games.


All mentioned strategies are equally valuable for playing chess manually or online. Every year the publisher updates the game in gaming apps and inserts the laws and rules in the game app. So, users can enjoy the game without any problem in all customized manner. Classic game, Time game, and hints like features make the game more adorable in the sight of the users. Hereafter, get your version and enjoy your game without hesitation. So, if you like our effort and want to appreciate us share the post with friends and family. Kindly give your feedback. Your comments are life to us.

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